Via Abhinav Chaturvedi

As every one of you are aware of the fact that how secular dog warrior often express their views on Indian secularism and write how the Muslim community has turned into a meaningless, demographic bloc that various political parties try to exploit at their own convenience, maintaining a sustained connivance with the representatives of the community.

Let’s do a reality check.

From where do most of the mainstream terrorist attacks in India originate?

China? No.

Bhutan? No.

Nepal? No.

Sri Lanka? Maybe, in the past, but not now, no.

Pakistan? Yes.

Are these terrorists Buddhists? No.

Are these terrorists Christians? No.

Hindus? No.

Muslims? Yes.

From where do most infiltrators come to India?

China? No.

Sri Lanka? No.

Indonesia? No.

Russia? No.

Bangladesh? Yes.

Are these infiltrators mostly Buddhists? Could be.

Hindus? Yes, some of them might be
Christians? Hardly.

Muslims? Mostly.

So what’s the problem in addressing the real issue?

Now Indian Muslims join me with the fact that Nobody contends the fact that Muslims in India have got nothing to do with Muslims in Pakistan and Muslims in Bangladesh or for that matter, Muslims in any other country.

Then why are problems with countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh projected in a manner as if Muslims are being attacked?

Why can’t they simply be called Pakistanis and Bangladeshis?
Similarly, if someone wants to nail terrorists and if these terrorists happen to be Muslims, why is it projected as if all Muslims are being targeted?
The problem with foreign funded presstitute’s journalists is that they never want to miss an opportunity to raise the bogey of the Sangh Parivar (RSS), BJP and how it poses one of the greatest existential dangers to the Muslim community in India.
It doesn’t matter if the actual cause is lost and people from their own community are relegated to perpetual misery.

Does an average Indian think like these intellectuals? Not at all.

These theories are floated simply to put people who actually want to solve problems on the back foot and immerse them in a concoction of guilt and apology.

These intellectuals want the Muslim problem to simmer forever because this gives them a chance to keep the minority community in a perpetual state of insecurity and this keeps the cauldrons of instability simmering for their political masters who depend on such instability.

Coming back to the issue of why secularism is in tatters in India.
Secularism in India has a different definition.

In other countries, it means keeping the state and religion separate, but in India, it mostly means the state meddling with religion as much as possible.
There are state-funded religious institutions for minority communities. The Right to Education bill is not applicable to minority-focused schools and colleges.

Who can forget the nefarious Communal Violence Bill that absolved the members of the minority communities of their wrongdoings while dumping all the culpability on the majority community – the Hindus?
On the other hand, the government is planning to take over the financial assets of many Hindu temples. This is just a tiny list of how the state participates in the affairs of religion on an ongoing basis.

Not just the state, even our intellectuals don’t leave religion alone, especially when it comes to Islam. So if one wants to talk about secularism, the actual definition of the term needs to be understood.

Secularism in India means constantly hammering into the psyche of the Hindu community, that they are responsible for everything bad happening to the minorities in the country.

Hindus cannot choose their political leaders. They cannot choose what should be taught in the schools and colleges. Their way of life is constantly ridiculed and mocked at. Their culture is constantly questioned. Their deities are lampooned. Their gods are abused. Alssertions are constantly cast at the logic of their major festivals – they are sent on a guilt trip even when they want to celebrate.

When there are terrorist attacks, they are blamed for not doing enough to create an inclusive society. They are immediately branded as communal, bhagwa gunda, sanghi, modi bhakt and fascist if they try to assert their identity.

Nationalism combined with Hinduism is looked down upon. Measures are taken to curb identity-based aspirations among Hindus. Say something pertaining to Hindus and you are branded as communal, and say something pertaining to Muslims or Christians and you are branded as secular and liberal.

There is no middle path.

In no way can you be liberal and secular while supporting a Hindu identity, because I my self experienced a lot of such branding.

But how did such calumny persist for such a long time, unencumbered?
There was a time when the media was totally controlled by a lsocialist-Marxist-secularist-liberalist anti hindu nexus and this nexus was super-controlled by the Congress, the Communist party and their various caste-based offshoots.
They literally ran amok with their theories, unchallenged simply because others did not have a say, and were not allowed to have a say. No alternative views were allowed. You could never publish articles contrary to the beliefs propagated by this nexus.

The masses were to be exposed to only a particular type of philosophy and the more blinkered the view was, the more preferable it was to the above nexus and its masters. Most of the top journalist clearly belongs to this nexus of misinformation spreaders.
The Internet played the spoiler and since the people who controlled the nexus were slouching in the cesspit of their own hubris, they couldn’t foresee its implications.

On the Internet you cannot control the flow of information and ideas. First there were blogs, and then came social media, and with it, all hell broke loose. People started articulating their thoughts. They started expressing their dissent like me. LDissemination of information was no llonger in the hands of a few. People no longer needed newspapers, TV channels and magazines to make their opinions known.

Suddenly there were hundreds and thousands of broadcasting channels. The most these members of the nexus could do was rant, complain, and occasionally get some of the channels blocked.

For these nexus members, people who expressed their dissent and asserted their identity became the enemies of secularism simply because they let their thoughts known. The anger and discontent had been simmering for a long time but there was no outlet.
The Internet and the social media provided this outlet, and Narendra Modi ji  benefited the most from this groundswell.

If an opinion sucks, the holder of that opinion is immediately made aware of that. If a person is simply putting up a charade of being an intellectual, this charade is immediately pulled off by more knowledgeable people who might not be very well-known, but certainly know their stuff.

Via constant interaction on the Internet, I personally came to know that neither intellectuals like presstitutes, nor the various secular political parties have any intention of actually working for the betterment of the Muslim community.
This understanding has tarnished the image of the Indian version of secularism to a great extent and it is only because of the phoney secularists misusing the term for their own benefit.
Of course from our side the fault also lies with our organisations and political parties like the RSS and the BJP for not taking seriously enough the charges of communalism and divisiveness heaped upon them day after day. The entire community has had to pay for their lacklustre approach.

The attitude of these intellectuals and politicians have caused a two-pronged problem for the minorities, especially Muslims.

One, due to appeasement for the sake of vote bank politics, no real development has taken place. Compared to other communities, Muslims are far backward, illiterate and unemployed.

To the majority community an impression has been conveyed that the Muslims are a pampered community, antagonising Hindus in the process. Consequently, both the communities are being pitched against each other without a tangible benefit to either. Secularism takes a further beating.
Why do they constantly play this secular-communal card? Playing the secular-communal card is quite profitable in our country and it is a livelihood for many intellectuals, scholars, NGO managers and of course, politicians also.

When you play this card, you don’t have to work. You don’t have to build roads. You don’t have to worry about setting up schools, colleges and universities. Let the cities, towns and villages remain in perpetual darkness.

Accountability? What’s that? You see, the secular fabric of the country is more important than development, and once certain persons and organisations start calling you secular, there is no need to do something else.

All you have to do is make sure that communal forces are not able to assume power and destroy the pluralistic fabric of the country. Had these secularists been truly secular, they would have considered every problem as it is, rather than mapping it over the coordinates of secular and communal.

These are the people who, by constantly hammering into their core audiences the concept of Muslims against Hindus and Hindus against Muslims, are actually divisive and sow the seeds of hatred among the two communities.
In order for India to be truly secular, the people of this country need to stop paying heed to the so-called secularists bastards and consider themselves just Indians, undivided Indians, proud Indians, brothers and sisters Bhartiya.

Jai Bharat.

ॐ नमः शिवाय