Section 5:- The Implications for India.

However, the massive purge instituted by the Turkish President may well be successful in preventing the Definitely Assured Destruction of Turkey and this is precisely what the Turkish Foreign Minister is warning India. That India will now be the staging ground for training various terrorist factions, which may lead to the same situation as occurred in Turkey as well as counter-right wing radical elements (Operation Gladio-B in the Indian context) taking roots.  Even if the terrorists that India is told to harbor or otherwise assist are of an anti-Pakistan or anti-Islamic nature, India would do well to avoid finding itself in the same danger that Turkey did.

Firstly, Indians should learn from the Turkish example of the Bektashi orders, the danger of de-criminalizing the likes of Abhinav Bharat and propping up similar individuals and organizations, as well as of the multitude of decadent spiritual charlatans Sri, Sri-squared, Sri-cubed, varieties of Anandas (Nityanandas and Vivekanandas of all hues), Doctorjis, Gurujis, Panditjis, Matajis etc. Because of the complete absence of scientific standards, and the brain-numbing devotion expected from the members, these organizations and extremely susceptible to infiltration and foreign control, the yoga or the meditation etc being the garb.

In addition to the question of international terrorism and its role in the turmoil of nation-states, there is also the second very critical dimension of radical internal changes to the main body of the country’s society via the Fetullah Gulen and associated organizations. This was the second (and perhaps far more serious!!) existential danger realized by Turkey. In the context of India, Hemant Karkare had compiled a report extent several thousand pages on this deep penetration into India as well, which today our Ministers have got classified and do not want the people of India to know. This will be discussed in a later issue of this journal.

This is the context of the warning given by the Turkish Ambassador and by the Turkish Foreign Minister to India, which we should take with extreme seriousness, because Turkey itself was nearly taken over by US-sponsored Saudi brand of terrorism. True it is that this brand of Terrorism will be anyway opposed and possibly wiped out by the Ankara-Teheran-Baghdad-Beirut-Moscow axis, but in the process the hydra will spill over to other nations especially into India, into Balochistan the no-man’s land, into Afghanistan and into Baltistan. Then on it will be fully utilized by our Western neighbor to disrupt, destroy, destabilize the Republic of India starting with Kashmir; and there is always a good possibility that this Hydra will morph itself as Balochistan- or Baltistan- freedom fighters and will get all their support to re-invigorate themselves – paradoxically from India itself!! Only to destroy India first and then strike straight at Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey from the backdoor, in consonance with the geopolitical aims of their highest masters.

Naively it looks like India is falling in the trap psychotically thinking that this step will contain our Western neighbor and bring some peace to Kashmir, whereas in-fact the actual danger would be of our losing Kashmir altogether. We will be following the same trap that was laid for Turkey…by training various groups to de-stabilize Syria etc. as most of these groups are trained with the ultimate aim of destabilizing Russia, their masters will turn a double-blind-eye and triple-deaf-ears when the Republic of India burns under their onslaught. It would be like four-dimensional chessboard played by sixteen players with no rules whatsoever.

The Saudis have sensed the American sense of defeat and abandonment in the Turkish and now the Syrian affair, are meanwhile pushing into Pakistan and signing military-deals, and making it into a Wahabbi state. This will have disastrous consequences for the sub-continent. While the Pakistan-China axis will be used to batter India and the Saudi-Pakistani axis will be used to batter Iran.

And even if neither of these approaches to hit Iran work, at the very least ISIS fighters fleeing the Middle Eastern/Central Asian theater will be planted into Balochistan and Baltistan, not to mention other soft Indian cities. The tech-savvy ISIS who were trained by the Americans to fight the Russians, who are using remote controlled machine guns, RPGs, mortars that can be operated via a laptop or mobile phone and other high-end technology will be surprised to see that the Indian army (which is a regional power, 4th largest in world!!!!) which upon waking up to this 5th generation technological war has only recently started laying fiber optic cables for controlling command structures in Ladakh and Leh, a step taken by Iraq 30 years ago, but yet has today became a failed and divided state.

The Saudis will dump arms which they purchased from China into Balochistan, while arms which they purchase from the Americans will be dumped into Pakistan. The self-styled Turbaned Anarchy – Islamic State by ISIS “Caliphate” (which is neither a state nor has anything to do with Islam!!!), that is battered up and has been battered up the Central Eurasia theater, will be re-located to Balochistan or Afghanistan. From there they will again return to the age-old problem of battering Iran and Russia. Depending upon American Internal Governmental Policies post Trump election, the CIA could well bypass their own government (as they have done several times before) and dump the job of training these Balochistan- based terrorists onto India citing India’s “Regional Power Status” —- a status which is caricatured by pragmatic capitalists of the Anglo-American enterprises and recognized only by self-delusory Indian leaders of all shades, not to mention the bottle-fed corporate-media and IT “Czars” of India Inc.

While we recognize that the borders between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are completely illogical drawn so as to serve the interests of the West, and need not be recognized as valid, let Indians clearly understand that any form of terrorism based in Balochistan would be primarily directed at hitting the Iranian underbelly, it is not intended to help India by breaking-up its “arch-rival” Pakistan per-se, in the fashion of the wishful thinking of the “emotional idiots” who were hurt by the Partition. Even if from the viewpoint of our immediate vicinity, it appears to be in our self-interest, should India support this??  If your answer is simply “yes”, we urge you to read this entire article once and once again.

What conclusions should we draw from the Pakistani accusation, made with the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav, that India has been involved in setting up the DAESH in Pakistan and the EU reports that US, Turkey and India and Brazil are the main suppliers of weapon components to the DAESH? While both of these allegations are completely bogus and devoid of logical basis (don’t the EU members themselves sell arms on both sides of a conflict regardless of morals), the question as to their timing suggests that we are being setup for the next move. This will be discussed in a later article.

The American shielding of Fetullah Gulen using the mind-numbing logic that he has not committed any crimes in America or the grounds of un-obtainable proof of his direct involvement or intentions to commit atrocities against Turkey is similar to the mind-numbing logic which Britain has used on the Government of India when we requested the extradition of every known terrorist leader residing in Britain. Unsurprisingly or surprisingly (depending upon the IQ of our reader!!) the current Indian Government is using the same logic to refusing the extradition request of the Fetullah Gulen followers as requested by Turkey. Yet we demand the extradition of Dawood Ibrahim (while conveniently excluding Riyaz Bhaktal the founder of Indian Mujaheddin, and Shafi Armar, the founder of the Indian branch of ISIS known as IUT). What is worse, certain sections in India seem to be keen on setting up similar kind of training bases for Balochistan and Baltistan and Kurdistan (!!!!) while the correct thing for us to do would instead be to focus on shutting down the existing terrorist camps inside Pakistan using all available non-diplomatic routes.

Does the Turkish ambassador’s and the Foreign Minister’s warning to India now make sense? (Again more recently Erdogan himself warned Modi.) Does the Indian stand on this request resonate with the reply of the Americans to the Indian communication regarding a RAW Joint Secretary who has defected over to the US…..”who?”…”we don’t know his address”…”what wrong has he done?” …… “details of our processes are not public”……

When the RAW counter intelligence was going to arrest this traitor and defector, the PMO’s office and the Home Ministry pushed them go slow, and gave him a window of 24 hours to escape to Nepal and from there to the US. Contrary to the standard CIA policy of disowning assets, he was fully assisted in his escape to the US by the CIA, risking an exposure of their role. Having him under Indian interrogation would have risked far more than mere CIA’s hand being exposed, for he was only a conduit for a much larger flow of information involving countless other individuals. It is openly known that several officers who collaborated with him are still working for the RAW. American reports state that the CIA officials involved were punished for exposing their role. But perhaps again, and more likely, the CIA is not so foolish in exposing themselves after all. It was merely sending a message to other RAW agents : “Betray India and work for us — and if there is any trouble – well absolutely don’t worry, both we as well as your own Indian Government will help you”!

Indeed, only just a few months ago, more defectors have followed his path. Not only defectors, but countless other RAW and IB agents have settled down in the US “post-retirement”. Is it not true that both Prime Ministers Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh had gone out of their way to protect him? Have not several Prime Ministers in the past exposed critical deep agents of the RAW? Was not our defense minister, Mr. Parikkar, himself forced to admit this?

Does not the example of this cover-up of the Raw defectors by all parties in our government, and that of the Hemant Karkare assassination, and several others post-Karkare (citing ridiculous causes for their deaths), at the highest levels of our country and several other cases besides, show the extent of the infiltration of a Gulen-like hydra into India? What are we going to do about it?


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