Right from beginning of the insurgency, KPs were selectively targeted and killed brutally to threaten them to leave the Valley.

This insurgency was not to secure independence. Had it been that way, KPs should have been protected by Valley Muslims. Contrarily, a massive crowd gathered at Lal Chowk on October 14th and marched toward Eidgah, shouting slogans like:

01, Yahan Kya Chalega-Nizam-e-Mustafa

02. La sharkiya, La garbiya-Islamia, Islamia

03. Allah Ki Rehmat Ka Saya-Towhid Ka Parcham Lehraya.

04. Ay Mard-e-mujahid jag zara ab Waqt-e-Shehadat hai aya

05. Ay gasibo, Ay Zaalimo Kashmir hamara chhod do.

06. Zalzala aaya hai Kufr Ke maidaan main.

In the night of January 19, 1990 the Valley broke into blood curdling slogans simultaneously broadcast from the loud speakers of mosques asking the KPs to leave or else face the consequences. One of the slogans was “Assi gacchi panunuy Pakistan bataw rostuy, batanen saan” (We want Pakistan with KP  excluding their men).

While these theatrics were being enacted from the so called houses of worship, none of the Valley Muslims thought about Kashmiriyat their lasting legacy – the sacrifices that Hindus made for them by way of giving up their fundamental rights.

Next morning the exodus began which was in fact facilitated by the Muslims, both foes and friends. Not to speak of our belongings, we didn’t care for our livelihood and put ourselves on the road side to save our honour and dignity.

Our generation, which has come up after 1990’s does not know about it. Each family, should recount those days of horror and of their strong will to survive, so that our future progenies are aware of what transpired in Kashmir and how despite all, we have justified our existence in every field imaginable.

In spite of this, Kashmir our mother land, has to be our proud possession What transpired in Kashmir has been a water shed moment. The paradise on earth was turned into a blood soaked hell and cannot be like that for all times to come.

Muslims who browbeat Hindus constitute 68.3% of state population which should not be treated as an absolute majority. It includes Shias, Jammuites Ladakhis and those living in mountains. In census such a presentation has been manipulated during regime of Abdullahs after country secured independence. It continues to be the same even now to appease Kashmiri Muslims. Pandits should face the situation bravely by exhibiting togetherness for all intents and purposes.

Alas! All this has been forgotten by some KP’s, who in a most disgraceful manner, are hobnobbing with these elements for petty gains.  So, create Panun Kashmir like situation, as it was in early 1990’s. Nothing else is going to work. That way we will also revive Indians nationality in the Valley apart from regaining our Home land which should not be given names like Kashap Deash, Son Nou Kashmir etc which weakens our cause.

A. K. Dewani

28th, May 2017