Kashmiri Pandit community is infested with internal enemies who have co-opted with the persecutors and are hampering the community cause. The delay in the redressal of the human rights violation of the community is being hampered by these “coded Jews” who have become the apologists of the people who inflicted religious cleansing upon us.

And it is these apologists who hold the ground for the otherwise defeated enemy. These apologists go over board to help the enemy and term the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits as something that has nothing to do with Jihad.

They try to please their masters from the persecutor segment by denigrating their own community members and bail out the killers of the community.

They demoralize and threaten their own community members when they call a spade a spade by terming the religious cleansing of Kashmiri Pandit community as the handiwork of Islamic jihad on the social media. They even go to the extent of saying that Jihad has no place in Islam. So Jihad and Jihadi’s are different. This is height of arrogance of ignorance.

They even compare the Dharmaa Yudha defined by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata with Jihad.

There is an urgent need to identify and defeat this subversive class. They are bringing a bad name to the community and facilitating the enemies of the community and the nation. There should be no apprehensions that these subversives may have material motivations that make them so inhuman to act as the overground workers of the killers of the community.

When they are told that Jihad is a common denominator of all strands of theocratic Islamic fascism, they say that jihad has nothing to do with politics and sociology of Islam.

These people are wrecking the community from within even in this exile that is continuing for 27 years. They are working for the annihilation of the community.

These people operate from both within and outside India.

If the community wants to get empowered then it has to name and shame these enemies of the community who have KP names but whose acts are anti KP.

One among them is Sanjay Saraf , who in 2014 Lok Sabha elections had contested elections from Habba Kadal constituency only to defeat the BJP candidate Ashok Kaul. I would not have come up with this blog because I am not interested in bickering and have a verbal dual with my own community members.

What triggered myself coming with this blog is his wife Vineeta Kaul Saraf, who proclaims herself to be a champion of humanity. But interesting is that the love for humanity is always showered on Kashmiri Muslims.

Few days back I had shared a post (https://www.facebook.com/amrita.chatterjee3/videos/1690376107657568/) of a lady wherein a four school going Kashmiri Muslim girls were shown changing their Wahabi Dress with Modern outfits that too in open in a lane in broad daylight. I felt very bad about not only about girls in the video but for every Kashmiri Muslim girl for the fact that they have to follow an alien culture as well as ideology which has no relevance with the local culture inspite of my enmity towards them and the same was echoed in my opening remarks.

So far so good.

For reposting the same, my profile was reported by Vineeta Kaul Saraf and my profile Facebook profile got blocked. Many KP’s supported her in naming & shaming me as she had to prove her allegiance and dhimmihood towards our tormentors, who not only inflicted inhuman atrocities on us by killing, maiming, gang raping our women but also ethnically cleansing us. Does anyone of you know that during the the days of Lok Sabha elections, her husband was in direct contact with Hurriyat people particularly Geelani.

What has an ordinary KP to do with Geelani that too in a place which is known to be the den of anti-national activities (Malviya Nagar, Hauz Khas, IIT, JNU area of Delhi)? What interest has any ordinary KP to be in league with the bunch of people who openly say “Pakistan hamara hai, hum Pakistani hai”, “hamara imaan la-illal-la”, “yahan kya chalega #nizame_mustafa”.

Didn’t we leave our homeland only & only for the safety of our women folk? Including them was Vineeta Kaul Saraf also. What would have been her fate if (God forbid) her father or elders had decided to not to leave. It is anybodies guess.

Why isn’t she shouting from her rooftop for the girls working in Kashmir, who have got jobs under PM’s package? Does she know how they are being constantly intimated? Does she know that tapping of  the mobiles of hapless girls, particularly unmarried ones, is being carried on 24×7. She must not be even knowing these facts. Baat kareney chale aatey hain.

Isn’t it a open fact that KM’s want us there but only as a tourists. आप लोग आ जाया करिये मगर सैलानियों की तरह । साल भर कमाओ ओर यहां आ के अपनी जेबें खाली किया करो  । (keep coming to Kashmir but as a tourist. Earn for full year and then empty your pockets in kashmir). Once I also have been told the same on my face by KM’s. How can one deny this fact?

The video in question is 2+ years old and the fact is the video has been shot by the girls themselves. Now tell me how did the video land up on Internet. Isn’t it common sense that the video has been uploaded by the girls themselves. 

It’s anybodies imagination how many hundred if not thousand times, the video must have been shared. Now that I also shared it, how has that dented the (non-existent) honour of her handlers ie Kashmiri Muslims. How can a group of people have honour when they have been ravaging the honour of others, particularly women, since their advent in the Dev Bhumi of Kashyap. She seems to have forgot the infamous slogan of their’s during January 1990 “aisi gaesi kashir batinav saan batav ròs” (We want Kashmir with KP ladies and without KP men) which was played through the loudspeakers of every mosque in Kashmir.

 A KP who doesn’t remember this slogan, ceases to be a KP rather doesn’t even deserve to a KP

Where was the outrage when Hindu Girls were being gang raped, killed and wooden logs inserted in their private parts in different parts of our country by the Muslims. And the pix were making rounds on the net including social site. No ordering of pulling down of those posts by Vineeta Kaul Saraf as the poor girls raped wouldn’t have allowed her to gain anything. No points would have got scored from her handlers. Why selective outrage and love for Kashmiri Muslims? Has anybody seen her public outrage on the brutalities committed on our own women folk during 1989-90 and thereafter.

I have, till date, never ever shared with  anyone what I am going to share with you. Beforehand I would like to say that the following hasn’t been witnessed by me alone but by many.

It was, if I remember correctly, December 1989 when I accidently overheard 3-4 persons talking about Hindu women (including my mother and younger sisters) of our locality to be distributed among KM’s. As by mere luck, it was late evening and in the late evening darkness, it becomes either difficult to recognise a coming person or if busy in talks, the coming of a person isn’t even felt. Same thing happened that evening and I think it was a blessing in disguise. When I heard it, I was really worried. Wits of mine favoured me that evening and I somehow managed to hide my presence and was able to listen to their conversation. The nutshell was that every Hindu Lady was to be gifted or distributed among the influential ones and men would either be killed or most probably forced to leave.

I being young and not knowing anything about Islam, their talk was simply unbelievable. I couldn’t comprehend what they said. I couldn’t believe my ears. Tell you frankly, I got frightened. I had left homes to buy some stuff but after listening to what I had, my courage gave way and I returned home.

I lied to mother that the stuff isn’t available right now but tomorrow the shopkeeper will get it. I couldn’t sleep for another 3-4 days. Anyway, what happened thereafter is not the scope of this writeup, hence leaving it here.

Can Vineeta Kaul Saraf explain her and her husbands handlers behaviour and does the above-mentioned act behove any civilised human being.

There is an old saying “One who respects oneself, others will also reciprocate same way“. The video has been shot by girls themselves. The question arises if it was not the girls who uploaded then who uploaded the video. Search any social media including YouTube, you will find it there. Had the girls been self respecting, the basic act wouldn’t have happened at all and shooting the act would have been out of mind/question.

Now Vineeta ji was telling me to pull down the video as it doesn’t look nice. Why?

As per Vineeta Kaul Saraf ji 

● Gang rapes of our women by Kashmiri Muslims was nice?

● Shooting dead of our male members at point blank range by Kashmiri Muslims was nice?

● Gogging out eyes of KP’s by Kashmiri Muslims was nice?

● Spraying bullets on a hapless KP, who had hid in a barrel to save himself from Kashmiri Muslims was nice.

● Directing the Kashmiri Muslim Terrorists by a Kashmiri Muslim Women towards the hiding place of above-mentioned KP was nice.

● Gang Raping of a KP Girl infront of his brother and thereafter halving her with the help of electric saw was nice.

● Losing mental balance of a brother   watching the whole episode of ones sisters Gang Rape and thereafter halving of her by Kashmiri Muslims was nice?

What has Vineeta Kaul Saraf ji to say about the following video

● https://youtu.be/caswR0jroag

● https://youtu.be/4ZfHaIp6hMo

What about Bitta Karate

● https://youtu.be/fH6gaY9XoKE

Vineeta Kaul Saraf ji how can you justify Bitta Karate not only roaming freely in J&K but all across the nation and being in the corridors of power.

Twenty Seven plus years have passed and KP’s brutally killed by him is still to brought to books. Are you aware of this fact. How will it bother you when your allegiance is with the people who have done everything to wipe us out from the face of earth. Here is another video. Care to watch. https://youtu.be/SybJnAlX2ro.

What about Yaseen Malik who raped our women and killed our braveheart men in uniform?


What say about pictures about Wandhama Massacre? What kind of values are they? You don’t seem to remember the above while confronting your own community member, who is trying to call their bluff and expose their hypocrisy?

What kind of fight are fighting?  And for whom?

Your selective outrage, shouting from rooftop and chest beating is nothing but a way to be in good books of murderous, religious fanatic Muslims, who know nothing but Chop Chop Chop the bloody Kafir. 

What was the crime of the girl depicted in the above pictures, who was raped, killed and then acid was poured on her to disfigure her. The perpetrators were Momins again.

Do you Vineeta Kaul Saraf ji even know who the person in the above two pictures is? He was killed by your so-called benevolent momins, for whom you keep on fighting day-in and day-out. He was killed only for the fact that he had become a Encounter Specialist and was quite successful in getting rid of Terrorists. Was that bad? No outrage & chest beating for him. No reporting of profiles. No namingshaming.

For your information, he was Sameer Bhat. His character assassination took place after his death by those very persons for whom you bat. His tenth  (10th) days kriya will be performed on 16th June at Muthi Ghat, Jammu. Do care to reach that place to atleast pay homage.

I can go on and on and on but let me draw your attention to others aspects. 

Why was I targeted.? Why not the lady who had uploaded the video? Why was I targeted inspite of a clear opening remarks on the alien Wahabi Culture and ideology being thrusted upon a population who generally doesn’t agree with.

The reason is simple. Targeting the lady wouldn’t have helped her in improving her image. Instead targeting me, being a Kashmiri Pandit and thereupon boasting about herself to have named & shamed one of her own community member publicly must be paying her now

She is in the impression that by doing so she will find a permanent place in the hearts of her handlers.

She has come up with screen shots of my comments in another post but never ever came up with the screen shot of my opening remark. Had that been done,  it would have created a level playing field and the picture would have got cleared there and then.

But no. She never came up with the same as her agenda of pleasing her Kashmiri Muslim handlers (read Hurriyat & Geelani) would not have got accomplished.

She seems not have gone through beyond the history books of school. Had she even a bit of idea about history, she would always have Birbal in mind. How Birbal was murdered by the same person for whom he worked whole of his life. Even supplied Hindu ladies into the harem of Akbar. But was treated as a traitor. A person who couldn’t do justice to his faith, family and society, is always called a traitor. How could he be taken as a faithfull to his new embraced faith. Same stands true even today.

Another issue I want to raise, though not directly related to this very particular issue.

I am angry at KP’s not without reason. KP’s start to follow any diametrically opposite comment against the main post or opening remarks against the original post thereby killing the very purpose of the post.

I was deeply hurt when I watched the video which was echod in my opening remark. That was completely ignored and many elder started to throw scorn at me (on other post) when the fact is they hadn’t even watched the video and read my opening comment.

If a woman is having a different opinion, doesn’t mean she is right and be supported by all only for the reason that the comment is coming from a lady. This is the reason why I always say that KP’s generally are at the lowest ebb of intellect.

My comment will definitely hurt many of you but bluff has to be called and hypocrisy exposed.

What is wrong in calling KM’s bluff and exposing their hypocrisy. That was and will always remain my only aim.

The act of changing Wahabi dress with modern dress clearly shows what kind of alien ideology is being thrusted upon the budding school going kids and also the latent hatred/resentment against an alien culture as well as ideology amongst the locals.

Does Vineeta Kaul Saraf ji know

● that father of one of the girls in the video went to the school of her daughter, dragged her out of her classroom and beat shit out of her publicly in the compound of the school?

● that the management of the school had thrown her out from the school for Unislamic Conduct, I repeat, Unislamic Conduct of hers?

For them, Islam & Quran is everything. And what does Koran say about people not believing in Olla-O-Snackbar and Quran. That who don’t believe in Olla-O-Snackbar should be put to death, in case of men and women be taken as Sex Slave as we are witnessing it currently in Iraq  (Yezidi women) and Europe  (Tahrush, groping and what not).

My advise to Vineeta ji is to come out with a Public Apology clearly mentioning that she was at fault and should not have committed the character assisnation of mine. Or else be ready for a Legal Battle

And I mean it.