Analysis by Ronnie Patel of Saudi Arabia getting 50 Nukes weapons from Pakistan

It was destined sooner or later. Pakistan has given 50 Nukes weapons to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be used against its arch rival Iran. 

It was a hot day of summer sometime in the year 2010. The month was May & in the remote distant tiny village in Riyadh district province, three men were walking towards the small hut. These three were Pakistanis scientists who were to meet the Saudi counterpart

As the three Pakistanis greeted Saudi personals, after the customary exchange of greetings, they got down to their serious nefarious design of handing the big package which contained nuclear devices along with the manuals on how to use the nukes. 

After half hour they left the hut. The Saudis took the three Pakistanis to Jeddah to have a meeting with Saudi King & Saudi minister of interior matters who was also the head of Saudi secret service. The king welcomed them & after discussion he invited the three to have dinner with him in his palace. 

The next day the world witnessed the cruel killings of four Palestinians in the city of Rome Italy. These four were from the PLO wing & were scientists who were working for the Saudis on preparing the nukes to be used against Israel & Iran they were killed in the cold blooded murder two were shot by unidentified men on motor bikes on the road & the other one was killed in the old dilapidated building in the low suburbs of Rome & the other was killed when he went to answer the phone call as soon as he lifted the receiver there was a large explosion the windows of the adjacent buildings were also broken down due to impact of the powerful blast.

Nobody took responsibility for these killings. The USA tried to point its fingers at Mossad but Israel denied that it was not involved. 
After few days there was another explosion on the Azadi Square near the Meherabad airport in Tehran Iran but the bomber was caught & in the evening the Iranian secret service SAAVAK declared that the person caught was a Pakistani national with the forge passport of India. 

Next day Pakistan warned Iran that if it attacked Saudi then Pakistan & Saudi will use nukes against Iran & from that day the Iranians also started to manufacture nukes for its own safety.

Now the main worry is not only the rouge state of Pakistan but Saudi too as its intention is to spread Wahhabism to the world.