Not many people know this.

One of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s personal Idols was Maharana Pratap .

Shivaji Maharaj also told this  to Mirza Raja Jai Singh .
“What is this Mirza Nonsense. We are poor people  and make our bread by kneading it with our own sweat but you are a Rajput, …a hindu… You  come from the lineage of the Incomparable Maharana ……  then why do you serve these mlecchas?
Mirza Raja Jai Singh did not answer Maharaj.
More than a Hundred years later after the death of Maharaj, Peshwa Bajirao-I offered the then Maharana of Udaipur , the entire Maratha territories (half of Modern India) saying :

Please  be the  emperor of United rashtra 

The Maharana refused, because he considered the Marathas to be shudras.

Courtesy Shonan Talpade