Biggest Cartel of the World sits at World Trade Organization and play with the war weapon dangerous than Nukes.

Those who think Nukes are most dangerous.
Answer  is NO.

In Today’s World Biggest War Ammunition is Globalisation and Liberalisation.
This Concept is brought and institutionalised by Cartel to rule the world and toy with Nations after World War 2. 
One Event in World can impact all Nations Economy. But If you observe – Did It impact the Cartel ? Answer is NO.
The Question of whether you boycott Chinese goods could never had raised if WTO charter is not applied. 
If you want to understand this then you can read How Iran defeated the Cartel when Cartel applied sanctions on Iran. How India defeated Cartel and helped Iran in recovery by doing Oil – Food Grain exchange.
Same Concept is once applied by Libya, Iraq and OECD major nations when they had announced that they will not sell their Oil in exchange of US dollars, instead they will sell Oil in exchange of Gold.
You know the results after that announcement, Cartel created ISIS and blasted all these Nations with Nukes and fighter aircraft.
All of you must understand that There is No Jhandus like Osama Bin Laden or Saddam or Gaddafi or Abu Bagdadi. These 4 Jokers trapped by Cartel , used by Cartel and then killed by Cartel. 
Enjoy the World of Games.