During her lifetime no one would have dared openly accuse her of wanting men in bed. P. N. Haksar and P. N. Dhar, both strikingly handsome Kashmiri pandits who served her with integrity and distinction and have written fine memoirs, analyse her emotions with perception but say nothing about their boss’s private life. 
In fact the most perceptive observation about Indira Gandhi was once made by the singer-writer Sheila Dhar (Mrs. P. N. Dhar), who knew Mrs. G. well enough to notice that 

Indira Gandhi had the developed instincts of an animal, she always responded to people with her skin”. 

The political animal that was Indira Gandhi has long been known and done to death: there have been biographies by Pupul Jayakar, Zareer Masani and Inder Malhotra. It is high time someone gave us an insight into the human animal and showed us her feet of clay.

. Gandhi had, it seems, nearly as much love for the pleasures of her residential bed as of her prime ministerial chair. The Kissa was as much Kursi Ka as Palang Ka.
Her list of hits is impressively long.

A Parsi husband who turned philanderer, a scandal-mongering Malayali old enough to be her father’s typist (he was once appropriately called a Remington Randy), a yoga teacher who degenerated into a physical instructor, a poodle Foreign Minister who never stepped far from her Home Ministrations – how wonderful to learn that even as she was shackling her country with authoritarianism, she was unshackling her libido at home. 

What a riproaringly wonderful and motley crew of purdah paramours our Rushdiean Widow seems to have had

Our hearts go out to poor R. K. Dhawan. How awful he must feel to be left out of this litany of lovers. Can we hope for a memoir by him which regales us with proclamations of his non- innocence? Can we hope that Mrs. Shobha Des publishers have given her an “undisclosed sum” as royalty advance for her next potboiler on a subject which seems so entirely tailor-made to suit her well-polished talons?

Anyone with half an eye can see that Indira Gandhis life can be made, beyond the politics and jingoistic nationalism.

Those who love the exercise of power fear ridicule even more than they fear retirement. Mrs. G. seems to have feared it most of all. In this seems to lie the psychological roots of the Emergency.

It is time we took the politics out of Indira’s life and started to democratically look her straight in the face…

By all accounts circulating in the media and in intentionally banned Biographies, Mrs Indira Gandhi had a list of lovers.

There are the known ones:

1) “Remington Randy” her father’s typist: 
Mathai Merely (M. O. Mathai author of “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age“ and “My Days With Nehru”, 1979)

2) Her Yoga Teacher: Dhirendra Brahmachari

3) The Foreign Minister: Sardar Swaran Singh

4) Dhinesh Singh

5) Mohammad Yunus author of the book, ‘Persons, Passions & Politics’

6) Frank Oberdorf (A German teacher on the staff at Santiniketan) 

The new biography is indeed a remarkable story of the woman in Indira, controversially focusing on her intimate side—from her first love,.

A German teacher at Shantiniketan, to her long pre-marital relationship with Feroze Gandhi and then Mathai, Dinesh Singh and Dhirendra Brahmachari.

To mold Indira according to his aspirations, Nehru sent the young Indira to Shantiniketan, the school of the great poet, Tagore. 

Indira was expelled from the shcool at Shantiniketan by Tagor for her “wrong illicit bedroom” habbits. 
Indira Gandhi (1917-1984) was known as a feisty young woman and a uber-hyper leader. Indira Gandhi was the only child of Kamla and Jawaharlal Nehru.

The young Indira was found in bed with her German Teacher at ShantineketanFrank Oberdorf. She always had a big libido, probably inherited from her father who had a line of affairs, the most famous with UnLady Edwina Mountbatten

Stanley Wolpert and other have provided proof that Jawaharlal Nehru was gay and he consorted with the gay Viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten. (Nehur’s tyrst with homosexuality. Nehru dated both Ediwina, and Lord Mountbatten. Menage de trois impacted independence).

Indira had many lovers when she was young. She was friendly with Mohandas, and may have participated in his infamous and perverted Bharamacharya sexual experiments–where Mohandas Gandhi slept naked with young 12 year old young girls and married women. Sex life of Mohandas Gandhi, his failures and sexual perversion.

“Indira Gandhi had the developed instincts of an animal, she always responded to people with her skin” Singer-writer Sheila Dhar (Mrs. P. N. Dhar), who knew Mrs. Gandi well.

Indira finally settled for one Feroze, someone who was docile and would interfere with her desire for other men. Some say she was pregnant when she wanted to marry a young man Feroze. Due to caste issues, she ran into problems. 

Mohandas adopted Feroze so that he could have the last name Gandhi. This made it appear that she was marrying a person with the last name Gandhi. This is a very strange episode because Indira already had a famous last name “Nehru”. 

The Gandhi nomenclature had more to do with religion than anything else. 
Her belligerence with world leaders is well known. She constantly tangled with Henry Kissinger and they were not even on speaking terms. While in power Indira Gandhi liasons were pretty much an open secret to those who had access to the corridors of power in New Delhi.

There were pros and cons but there was this sense of insecurity when it came to highly intelligent people and people with clear records. She felt more comfortable with second-rate people.

How did her insecurities, about which much has been written, affect India?

In her insecurity, she destroyed the institutions of democracy. She packed Parliament with her supporters with loyalty being more important than ability; she superseded judges; she corrupted the civil service. 

Favouritism became a great sport with her….

This whole family tree with Takla Gandhi destroyed everything we have left by foreign Rulers….

I dedicate this article to killer of democracy Mrs. Gandhi…😡😡😡😡😡