What next in Kashmir? When mobs rule the roost; when society has become completely Islamic-theo fascist. 

Kashmiri Pandits had apprised the entire Indian nation about this inhumanity and barbarity way back in 1990 when they were subjected to religious cleansing and genocide  by the separatist islamic jihadis but so called political analysts and many others who wear their nationalism on their sleeves termed  Kashmiri Pandits  as cowards and have been asking time and again to KPs to make compromise with separatists Islamic jihad and be pluralist.

What will they say when chickens have come home to roost and every segment of administration and governance has failed and jihadis rule the roost?

Will they still fool the Indian nation?

The wisdom lies in accepting that Kashmir has been turned into a “Muslim sphere of jihadi influence” under the  well calculated “Grand Design of Muslim Precedence” to convert it into Dar-ul-Islam where democratic order  is molested every day.

Indian political class whether left,right or centre  patronized this jihadi mindset by terming it as democratic dissent and now it has become  a Frankenstein monster. Wish they had heeded the ground reality as told by Kashmiri Pandits who are the front line victims of jihad in post cold war era in independent India.

That is why we demand separate HOMELAND  in Kashmir with the free flow of Sanskrit Indian nationhood  to reverse our religious cleansing and genocide……….

Courtesy Mahesh Kaul