By Ashutosh Hanjura

It has become a fashion with  our Kashmiri friends to blame India for everything bad that is happening in Kashmir and absolve Pakistan and their own selves of the blame. Even the  barbaric mob lynching  and brutal murder of  Mohd Ayub Pandit DSP of J&K Police is directly and indirecly sought to be blamed on India. This leads one to dwell deep and try to understand the mindset of the people who are trying to creat sadistic  alibis justifying the barbarism which the so called movement for Azadi has turned into in Kashmir of today. To put the things in perspective let me say with no words minced that it is not only the ill of escapism which has invaded the minds of our Kashmiri friends but more than that it is a problem of wrong  perception and  biased political positioning.

Now  kindly listen my Kashmiri friends with an open mind. While you  guys choose to  hold India responsible for all the ills which descended on Kashmir post 1947 culminating with onset of era of terror driven jange Azadi in 1990 which  ultimately brought our birthland Kashmir to the present state of destruction, you are  doing the greatest disservice to truth by absolving Pakistan and political class of Kashmir of all the evil they brought in our lives. You say that  India betrayed Kashmiris but you forget about the invasion and aggression  which Pakistan launched in J&K in 1947 post independence though they were signatories to the proposal of statelemate agreement proposed by Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to both India, and Pakistan  before these two two States came to be formed as independent sovereign countries in August 1947. This compelled the Maharaja  to run to India for military help and eventual accession of the State with India. You are talking of broken promise of India to hold plebiscite in the State as per UN Resolutions but you are conveniently forgetting about Pakistan never meeting the obligations set by UN as preconditions for holding any such plebiscite by vacating the areas of our State illegally occupied by them that is Makhbooza  Kashmir. Infact they went to the worst extent of making a trade of our territories in Gilgit and Baltistan by leasing these out rather selling these to China. Taking it forward from there, what sort of role did political class of the  State play after it became part of Indian Union? After being put on the throne of Kashmir as Prime Minister  in  February 1948 due to his personal friendship and proximity with Nehru  apart from his spearheading role in Quit Kashmir Movement of 1946, how did Sheikh Abdullah  conduct himself in the new set up ? Why was he charged for sedition and arrested in 1953 in infamous Kashmir Conspiracy Case? Who engineered it? If the accession of J&K  State to Union of India was conditional as many of our Kashmiri friends claim, what was the need to pass a  resolution in  Constituent Assembly of J&K  State in 1954 to declare the State as an Integral part of India. Who  did that? Who  went  running to Indian leadership swearing complete allegiance and total compromise? Wasn’t it Bakshi Ghulam Mohd?

Who were the people who damaged and  destroyed the regional political philosophy of the State and its mouthpiece National Conference? Who brought Congress in the political space of Kashmir after  dissolving NC and merging it with Congress ? Wasn’t it GM Sadiq in 1965? Congress was the ruling party in State till 1974 with Mir Qasim  as its last CM. And finally who went and signed accord with India called Beg.-Pathsarthy accord in 1974 paving way for Sheikh Abdullah  to come to power and sit on the throne of Kashmir in 1975 . Wasn’t it Sheikh Mohd Abdullah who  did it after choosing to dissolve his plebiscite front..? Wasn’t the elected CM of state Mir Qasim made to step down to enable Sheikh Abdullah become the CM of  State without even fighting election ..?? Who succeeded Sheikh Abdullah to the throne of Kashmir after his death …? Wasn’t it his son Farooq Abdullah who went a step further to dilute and neutralize the regional political structure of State by making that infamous Rajiv-Farooq accord and engaged in worst ever rigging of elections  of 1987 in State to stop MUF from coming to power.

What followed thereafter is a preface to the mayhem which started in 1990 in the name of Azadi. Wasn’t Farooq the CM of State when young Kashmiri boys were going across borders to recieve arms training and infiltrating back along with arms to stockpile them. Wasn’t he knowing about it?

To cut it short who betrayed whom..?? Didn’t Pakistan as well as political leadership of Kashmir  betray and cheat Kashmiris? Weren’t all these PMS and CMs of Kashmir right from 1947 till militancy broke out in late half of 1989   Muslims of Kashmir? What happened in Kashmir after the militancy finally went full bloom in 1990 is History. It also is witness to the killings, rape of ethnic minority of Kashmiri Hindus and their complete forced exodus aka genocide. It also is witness to death of lakhs of Kashmiri Muslims at the hands of terrorists as well as security forces be it in operations, encounters or otherwise.. With each passing day the dance of death and destruction in  Kashmir has been gaining speed and momentum and the present actors to orchestrate this drama are separatists from  Huriyat Conference who again happen to be Kashmiri Muslims.

What do you expect Indian State and its security forces to do in a situation when the stone pelters attack them in  their posts, in their bunkers and while they are moving on roads or engaging with terrorists in encounters and operations? How can you expect them to abdicate their position of defending the State and its Sovereignty and  not to retaliate? It doesn’t happen like that with any Army or Security  force worth its name and salt.  Resultantly the collateral damage increases in the magnitude the civilians opt to come out and take on the security forces as rioters or as stone pelters…!!

So  ultimately who is to be blamed my friends for all this…??

Why only India..??

Why not Pakistan…??

Why not Kashmiri political class who enjoyed power in Kashmir right from 1947 till date by sitting on throne of Kashmir either as PM or as CM  and all of whom were and are Kashmiri Muslims..??

And lastly why not the Separatists and Huriyat leaders who have been presiding over the ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir by nurturing and mentoring stone pelters and  arsonists engaged in  throwing stones on security forces and burning of  schools for money to push Kashmir into  an era of savagery and darkness..??

Isn’t this True….