On the day of Judgement, All Merciful Allah, sitting on his golden throne will be so angry with people like me and all non believers, who never believed him, that he won’t be satisfied by putting us Murtads & kafirs in the blazing fire of hell.

Allah will first feed us Kafirs with poisonous Zaqqum tree which will simmer inside our stomachs, then He will put chain around our necks to drag us into the scalding boiling water, and then we will be left to burn in the blazing fire of Hell.

On top of it He will pour molten brass over our heads. In addition to these, He will whip us with iron rods and hook us so that we can not come out of blazing fire. Not only that: He will keep changing our roasted skins for fresh skins, so that we kafirs suffer the terrible pain for good; while those pious muslims will be enjoying the beautiful 72 virgins and young boys in the Islamic heaven sipping wine and heavenly food with a everlasting libido.

No wonder Quran puts the prefixes for Allah at the beginning of every chapter with—most Merciful, most Beneficent, most Compassionate, most Cherisher, and most Sustainer of this poor universe!

As per Jawwed Sayeed