Politicians, Media, Intelligentsia and Bollywood. These are the four pillars on which  the Monstrous Edifice of Sickularism (read pseudosecularism) in India stands, and stares at and eats the vitals of our society.

This edifice always had a weak foundation, but its 4 pillars were made so strong that it somehow stood the test of 7 decades of Nationhood and ravaged Indian society in the process. Hindu society, in particular.

But, as they always say, a weak foundation cannot support a superstructure for long. Eventually, the seemingly strong pillars too  will give away. And the structure will eventually collapse.

With Modi at the helm of the country’s affairs, one by one, these pillars are crumbling. It will take a few years more for these pillars  to settle down as debris, to be thrown into the waste dump.. But as we all know, when such strong pillars crumble and collapse, there is a lot of noise, dust and some collateral damage.

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