Dr. Khare, a Hindu Mahasabha leader, asked in the Constituent Assembly, “Whether Government proposed to declare all the Hindus and Sikh residing in Pakistan as nationals of India, and claim their protection as such“.
Sardar Patel in reply said “Government intended to do so by the next day as all preparations are going on for the bill to be tabled the next day“.

But Nehru got wide angry & stormed out of the house refusing to take up the bill.

Here we observe that Sardar Patel, with an image as a strong man, wanted to help the dying Hindus in Pakistan, but was not allowed by Nehru, How can one expect, that helpless Hindus under harrowing conditions in Pakistan, many came before Sardar Patel and submit written applications for grant of Indian citizenship.

​In such a situation, when Pakistan was Hell bent upon eliminating Hindus and Sikhs, and Indian rulers ignored their duties. About ten lakhs (one million) Hindus and Sikhs were butchered in 1947, mostly in West Pakistan. The remaining about 1.5 (one and a half) crore somehow reached India. The biggest culprit for this tragedy was surely & the only one, Nehru.

Nehru got 10 lakhs Hindus killed in 1947. But the daughter of Nehru, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, got thirty Lakhs (3 million) Hindus killed in East Pakistan during 1971. And practically all those 30 lakhs were Hindus, as it was evident from Justice Hamoodur Rahman commission’s report, mentioned by Shri Atal Rawat in his article in the Organizer dated 3rd Sept. 2000. “One officer was quoted as telling the Commission that General Niazi had himself asked as to how many Hindus we had killed?” In May there was an order in writing to kill Hindus. The Pakistani Army had painted yellow “H” on the house of Hindus, to distinguish them from Muslims.

​The basic question is as to what Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister did to protect the life of Hindu in East Pakistan? Nothing. Instead of punishing one lakhs Pakistani soldiers who our security forces had captured, they were all returned to Pakistan, after entertaining them with good food and all facilities. They all deserved death penalty for crime of killing 30 lakhs Hindus, and other heinous crimes. East Bengal was handed over to Muslims of East Bengal who were all guilty of mass murder of Hindus on different occasions, including the one during Direct Action in 1946, Even Buddhist majority Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) was given. Buddhist Chakmas from there are now coming to India as refugees, in what way India has gained from Bangladesh war, in spite of winning it after sacrifices by our armed forces, and huge expenditure? In fact, it would have been better to allow the Muslims of West Punjab and East Bengal to fight against each other, rather than freeing Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh is nothing more than another Pakistan, and Pakistan (in the west) has more time and energy to create problems for India, and an excuse that India has broken Pakistan.

As a result of Direct Action from 16th August 1946, announced by Jinnah and Muslim League for creation of Pakistan, about 20 thousand Hindus were butchered in just two days at Kolkata alone, and 15 thousand were wounded. At that time there was Muslim League government in Bengal, headed by Suhrawardy as Chief Minister. Suhrawardy established himself in the Control Room of the police Chief. For two days the police watched, not firing a single round. General Butcher the Army Commander, reported to Lord Wavell, who visited Calcutta on Suhrawardy’s completely communal attitude.”

​As already mentioned, Nehru had deputed Rajaji as Governor of West Bengal to ensure safely of those very Muslims, who had butchered Kolkata Hindus. But Nehru was not satisfied, and himself reached Kolkata. “To Suhrawardy__ Nehru suggested that they live together. __ Suhrawardy agreed. Nearly 200 Hindus demonstrators shouted ‘Go back Nehru as he approached a Belliaghata house, made available to him.

​“At Kolkata, soon after 15th August” speaking before Muslim Chamber of Commerce, Rajaji made a personal pledge ‘whatever may be my defects or lapses, let me assure you, that I shall never disfigure my life with any deliberate act of injustice to any community whatsoever.” Less than three weeks after independence, there was retaliation in Kolkata against the Muslims, in which some Muslims were killed. As usual, Nehru made all nonsense shouting against it. Angry Hindus invaded Nehru’s residence and accused him of overlooking, what Hindus suffered meanwhile gandhi was also there. A brick and a lathi hurled at him just missed their target. The Mahatma’s attempt to quite the crowd failed. His response was … the announcement of fast.

​On the fourth day of the fast, the entire police force in North Calcutta, numbering about 500, and including British and Anglo Indian officers, started 24 house sympathetic fast, while remaining on duty. Late that evening, Rajaji, Kripalani, Suhrawardy and Ghosh told Gandhi, that peace had prevailed. While they were conferring, Ram Manohar Lohia the socialist leader led five young men into the room, which confessed their complicity and surrendered arms…at 9.15 pm. He (Gandhi) broke fast…” although they were criminals and how eager were Nehru’s followers to satisfy his fallibility.

​In spite of opposition from Gandhi, Nehru and Maulana Azad, Sikh leader Master Tara Singh was able to get an agreement signed between India and Pakistan at Lahore on 5th Sept. 1947, that there would be complete exchange of population between East Punjab (it included the present states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal) and West Punjab & North West Frontier Province (NWFP). However, in complete disregard of this agreement, Gandhi reached Panipat to prevent migration of Muslims. Master Tara Singh also reached there to counter Gandhi. As per news in the Tribune dated 6-12-1947. “Master Tara Singh accused the India Government of failure to protect the property of Hindus & Sikhs in West Punjab. He also criticized Mahatma Gandhi and certain officials of the Government who were persuading Muslims in Panipat to stay there. He maintained that there was agreement that there would be total evacuation from both East and West Punjab. Entire credit for clearing Punjab, Haryana and Himnachal from Muslims goes to Master Tara Singh, although cities in these states are once again getting flooded with Muslims from other places, as they multiply very fast.”