This post is exclusively for the Muslim Intellectuals to ponder upon and Pounder Upon Seriously. 

Where have those Muslims gone, who fought together shoulder to shoulder with Hindus and Sikhs for the freedom of India, before 1947?

Where have those Muslims gone, who were the best of the best Artisans, Musicians, and Rehman Chachas, who loved Indian culture and lived only to glorify the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzib.

Don’t blame to Narendra Modi’s BJP. India has been ruled by CONgress party much before than BJP even came into being. (indirectly you have been the rulers of India in congress company).

HOW JIHADAISM HAS KILLED THE BEST OF MUSLIMS, rather let me say, annihilated the best among you: YOU are the cream of MUSLIM civilization, the pride of Islam, who worked hard, through your sweat and blood to reach at the peaks of your professional careers and you deserve that; not only in India but the world over.


All over the world, you are being ashamed, ridiculed, hated, called by names like SCUMBAGS and being shunted out of country after country FOR no reason or Fault of yours. 

Won’t you ask yourself WHY?

HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED IN YOUR MIND OR EVER FELT IN YOUR HEART: About those unfortunate MUSLIM YOUTHS PERISHING IN JIHAD; like you they were also, the darlings of their Abhas and Ammis when born, they were also the children, who could go to school where they get education and enjoy playing recreational games with their schoolmates. In their adolescence, enjoy school trips and picnics together; could go to sightseeing tours with their parents or college mates, enjoy an occasional movie in the company of the person they liked.

BUT instead they have been brain washed, to live an animal life on earth, and die here on earth in worst possible circumstances. Like street dogs or killed by phosphorous and napalm bombs at times (can you imagine how painful and cruel death is that), their dead bodies are fed to dogs and severed heads kicked like footballs and what about their burials, nobody ever claims their dead bodies.

THEY undergo everything, for the crooked lies of heavens they will reach to enjoy sex with 72-72 hoors there . For which they are even issued PASSPORTS TO HEAVEN by those, MULLAH and MAULWI, the uneducated soulless humanoids (for their own LUST and GREED ON EARTH for SEX AND MONEY they get with Halala). Have anyone of these, MULLAH and MAULWI ever sent his own children for Jihad? BIG NO and NEVER they will.

NOW you should think why you are also being labelled as TERRORISTS and put to shame. Because you never stand against and speak against this EVIL, the scourge, the scum; rather always defend it logically, illogically and with wilful distortions and diabolical misinterpretation of truth, simply because of your religious stupidity.

It is the last call for you to wake up, the entire world is getting fed up from ISLAMIC JIHAD and the delusional mindset of ISLAM being a superior race and have the divine right to subjugate the world with DEATH, DESTRUCTION AND DECEIT.

Gone are the times when you could kill and conquer; times have changed, world has gone far ahead in its intellectual journey and conscious evolution.