Never before has the pseudo secular brigade been exposed so blatantly as in the turn of events over the last week.
On 28th June there was a nation wide outrage agaisnt lynching of Junaid. Protests held across 6 states, the “secular” section of media, the Bollywoodiya intellectuals, the “FOE” activists, the “well awarded” elitists, and all left & sickular parties joined forces to trend JusticeForJunaid.

As we speak, Basirhat in west bengal, is burning for last 6 days, triggered by the “minorities” vandalizing & lynching the ACTUAL minorities (hindus) in baduria. And I am yet to see an outrage, protest, tweet, from the aforesaid sections of people. Why no trending for RSS worker Kartik Ghosh who got stabbed to death in Basirhat? No debates on bijoy singh, shot to death?
To all those armchair activists who support the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar for FOE, and NDTV as music to their ears, can’t you see the stark contrast in the stand of these so called secularists? That too within a week? If you can’t, then u are already one of them, the bunch of breaking India forces. And if you are a fence sitter, then this is the best chance you would get to see through the fake colors of secularism that India has today.

Secularism is :-

1. Create havoc when a muslim is lynched but keep mum on “sporadic” incidents of Hindu lynching.

2. Double the outrage if a muslim is lynched in BJP ruled state, and if it happens in a secular party’s state, blame it on the centre (Akhlaq).. but if a hindu is lynched, don’t even report it.

3. 6 of the perpetrators who lynched Junaid are ALREADY arrested in Maharashtra (BJP ruled) but Mamata‘s party is rather killing Hindu supporters than arresting those who started it all.

Now which party is acting truly secular here, is a child’s guess. We have been saying this to the fence sitters over & over again since October 2015  when entire secular brigade of elitists, Bollywoodiya hypocrites, journalists & co went up in arms voicing INTOLERANCE & returning AWARDS in gangs to protest against Akhlaq’s lynching. They went to hibernation when prashant pujari was shot by 6 of the “you know which” community.

But the recent Basirhat ”
” by torch-bearers of secularism is best example of their hypocrisy.  The examples of selective outrage would never get better than this one.

By Nishant Das