By Ashutosh Hanjura

Looking at what is happening in West Bengal, I am reminded of what we KPs went through 27 years back. For  all these years after  we were subjected to ethnic cleansing and mass exodus in Kashmir, nothing worth mention has been done by any Government  including the Government of the day to restore the KPs back to their land of birth and ancestry. Worst is that  not even one person has been punished  for  the crimes of brutal murders and  rape which the people from KP Community were subjected to by the perpetrators.. Not even one…!! This is the travesty of Indian Secularism, Democracy and Justice system..

The  ethnic cleansing of minority Hindus in Kashmir is complete and it seems to be irreversible, thanks to incompetence, indifference and insensitivity of highest order exhibited by Indian Political class across the Nation irrespective of the political philosophy they profess or pretend to profess. Same is true of so called intellectual class of this country whose heart never bled for us and who never raised their voice and concern on our plight. But taking a lesson from what happened with KPs in  Kashmir, people in India need to wake up, unite and act decisively to ensure that a  similar situation  does not occur in the states of West Bengal and Kerala where the Jihadis and Radical Islamists have made deep inroads and started to violate the life, property and places of worship of hapless Hindus who seem to have been abandoned by the respective State Governments for the sake of their pseudo secularism and minority appeasement….History always repeats itself unless you learn your lessons from it………!!