By Sanyukta Batham

Attack on Amarnath yatris isn’t something new nor would it be the last.

We have brought this wrath of secularism on us by refusing to call terrorists jihadis, by not flashing their Muslim names and by believing that “I’m a Khan and I’m not a terrorist”.

FYI even if you are a peace loving moderate Muslim, you still are a terrorist because you are turning a blind eye to the radicals and their activities!So yes, you are a terrorist too!

This Hindu Muslim bhaichara is such a burden on our shoulders, we Hindus routinely offering our cuckooed asses as chara to the dearest Muslim bhai. Jahapana taufaa qubool ho!

Instead of acknowledging the true nature of kashmiriyat, our esteemed leaders are quick to congratulate them for some sort of mild condemnation that came forth fearing backlash on kashmiri students /people spread across the entire nation! 

And to further ensure them about our foolishness we’ll decorate Salim bhai with bravery medals conveniently forgetting that LeT mastermind name is “Ismail“! 

How come the saviour has a religion but the perpetrator doesn’t?

We Hindus are such an uneducated bunch of brainwashed retards that many even believe that the Amarnath shrine was discovered by a Muslim shepherd!

Ya Allah! Some enlightened souls even ridiculed the Bhakti of pilgrims questioning the wisdom in their decision to go an a pilgrimage that’s way too dangerous! I never saw them pleading people to stop eating beef because they might get lynched!!!

Funny eh! Faith is dispensable but not food habits!!!

Gau rakshaks are quickly reprimanded for their over zealousness, kashmiris are praised.

Junaid is made the victim while Adil is only the jilted lover!

If you still think you don’t need Hindu extremism in the form of Gau rakshaks, VHP, Bajrang Dal, then pray to Allah next time your ass is on fire, a dead Hindu is better than a brain dead one!