Mr Sagar & Mr Islah is right.

As a Kashmiri it is my duty to expose truth about Jagmohan Malhotra conspiracy to ship KP’s out from Kashmir.


In early Jan 1990, we KP’s started receiving emails from Jagmohan to start preparing to vacate Kashmir.

A WhatsApp group of all KP’s was formed.
Jagmohan started sending messages on our WhatsApp groups to get ready to leave Kashmir. He advised us to be prepared.

A Facebook chat group of 4 lakh+ KP’S also got created and KP page where Jagmohan as administrator was created overnight.

A special underground optical fibre cable was laid to KP homes to ensure uninterrupted Broadband, so as Jagmohan’s signal to vacate can be actionized.

We kept our cell phones charged, since Jagmohan used to send me period sms’s about his great conspiracy to take KP’s out of Kashmir.

Jagmohan used to send us periodic updates of his plan on WhatsApp groups and Facebook page and Chat Forums too.

Then Jagmohan created twitter handle and asked all KP’S to create Twitter handles. He made private DM groups of all KP’S.

On Twitter DM groups, he used to tell us again and again to be ready for his signal to vacate Kashmir.

Jagmohan also used automated calls on KP cellphones to keep us updated on his vicious plan to take KP’s out, so that he kill muslims.

On 19 Jan 1990, a 50,000+ strong peacefools visited our homes to show their love, but Jagmohan had already brainwashed us.

Non stop frantic appeals of love and compassion were made by peacefools to KP’s, but Jagmohan had already brainwashed KP’s.

When Jagmohan was ready on 20th January 1990, he sent KP signal to vacate Kashmir.

Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp groups, sms all were used.

So next time if any KM or Sickular tells you KP exodus was Jagmohan conspiracy, you must believe them.

Now don’t start with foolish observations of cell phones, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp wasn’t there in 1990.

If peacefool or naxal claims something to be conspiracy, you better don’t question.

Else you risk being called Sanghi, Bhakt etc

Amreeka & Israel joined hands with Jagmohan. They sent Helicopters, planes, fighter jets to airlift KP’S even from remote places.

This airlift mission was made possible, since every KP was issued GPS sets to enable Jew & angrez kaffir to get location coordinates.

Big big huge huge conspiracy by Jews, Angrez and Hindu Kaffir against muslims to defame islam and kill poor muslim people.