By Prashant Singh

So I ask once again…

Who all are willing to enlist ?

Because this is turning out to be the showdown of the century.

Why am I talking about this? Read on…

1. India ergo Modi ji becomes the first country / leader to actually stand up to the Chinese.

2. Yes…the rest of the so called global leaders have done nothing but lean in their seats and fart away uncomfortably whenever the Chinese fed them rotten GOAT cheese.

3. India as usual is on the right side of this conflict but thankfully for the FIRST time has brought it’s dusty balls to the front at DOKLAM.

4. Neither India nor China can back away from this confrontation without losing “face” – a die for cultural necessity for the Chinese.

5. The one who backs down from this will DIMINISH and FADE AWAY both in the global and economic space

6. More so a desperate reason for China to “beat back” India and ensure it sends a strong message to us so that we don’t ever dream of such adventures with it…that’s the thinking that’s thundering across the Chinese leadership and politburo.

7. Expect Ajit Doval to be dispatched to Beijing to try and find a middle ground…which in itself will be both an acknowledgement of India’s weak spine and worse a chance for the Chinese to exploit and declare to the world that the Indian might is nothing but a hype.

8. I am curious to see how the present government is going to handle this wrinkle in their decision to reach out to the CHINCHINS.

9. For any withdrawal of a legally valid deployment of troops by India will forever finish any dreams of it expecting to walk the corridors of global power.

10. Worse any dilly dallying by India in rushing in more troops and armaments in to the region would only ensure an even more humiliating rout of the handful of soldiers and units standing guard on the plateau.

11. China will use this as an excuse to put to test it’s newer divisions and strategies and what better time to do it than the IMMEDIATE when the Indians are still sleeping and scratching their balls…

12. A BLITZKRIEG of an operation that shocks and pushes back the Indian troops followed by a self declared ceasefire would clearly stump both the Indians and the world in to silence.

So to conclude the time for the testing of 56 is actually now.

Both of the PM as well as of my countrymen.

Interesting times indeed…just as I have been forecasting …