War always has Economic and Political ramifications apart from a huge loss of Human Lives. The CPC (Communist Party of China) understands that any agression with India right now can seriously threaten its Economy which is larger than India ofcourse but it certainly has slowed down considerably and only looks good because of fudged numbers.

Now lets see how Political ramifications will affect the CPC. I always say that there is a Politics of Economics and Economics of Politics. China is built on Blood and Resentment. Hence there are many pro democracy hawks who would explore and exploit any opportunity to bring down the ruling CPC or atleast damage it.

Moreover there are many internal problems that China harbors and Islamic extremism is also one of them. Beijing knows that it made a huge mistake by letting India play with the US that Beijing considers a bigger threat than India. Not to forget that China is in land/sea dispute with another 2 dozen countries and hence India becomes an obvious choice for most of these countries affected by the dragons Expansionist ambitions.

PLA knows that any agression along the Border will seriously Jeopardize its million dollar baby CPEC and halt its OBOR ambitions forever. Hence it becomes imperative for China to work with India as it faces a serious threat of being declared a global Pariah especially because of its collusion with the Mothership of Terrorism called Pakistan and a Schizophrenic North Korea.

A conflict with India will give an opportunity for the western countries to manipulate China’s internal mess and this the dragon knows will hurt them where it matters the most.

Hence the only get out option for Beijing is New Delhi and they very well know that being at loggerheads with India in the current scenario will prove to be counter productive to their long time strategic interest. Now the all important question is that then why China is trying to change the status quo at the Tri-Junction and back it up venomously ???

Only 2 possible reasons that I can think of. 
1) To deflect attention of its people from economics and internal mess towards National Interest.

2) To check if Our relentless proactive diplomatic efforts around the globe has paid off or not.

As per my assertion both have backfired. The average Chinese are no longer interested in such border disputes as China keeps having one every other day but only the neighbors keep changing and with the dok la standoff they assumed that India would panic and run around knocking Doors of Global Powers to come to its rescue but baffling the Dragon we stood our Ground in Dok la and to further rattle Beijing we announced that we are ready for a War in a 2 and a Half front scenario.

Ravi Pardeshi