Prime Minister Modi was blunt when he told the outgoing VP Hamid Ansari that his (narrow) worldview stems from the limitations of his professional career which revolved around West Asian countries as a career diplomat, a stint at the Aligarh Muslim University as its vice chancellor, and his position at National Commission for Minorities as its chairman.
This was Modi’s response to Hamid Ansari’s parting statement that “there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among Muslims in the country today.”

Modi also didn’t forget to remind Hamid Ansari of his grandfather Mukhtar Ahmad’s association with the Khilafat Movement which was a pan-Islamic campaign launched by Muslims of India to influence the British government to restore the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey. Modi, however, sugarcoated his statement to make it sound like a praise.

Modi thought that these facts and arguments were enough to slam Hamid Ansari whose statement could now be used by anti-India forces to defame India.

But I think more needs to be told about this Ansari fellow who not only attacks his own country that made him the Vice President but also has consistently refused to salute the national flag.

I think it’s important that I brought out Ansari family’s Muslim League connection at this juncture as it would help you understand why Ansari does what he does.

Hamid Ansari’s grandfather Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari was a leader of the Muslim League in undivided India. He served as Muslim League’s president in 1918 and again in 1920. He, along with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, played an important role in the negotiation of the 1916 Lucknow Pact which sowed the seeds of communal politics in this country. The Lucknow Pact between Indian National Congress and Muslim League paved the way for separate electorates for Muslims and Hindus and one-third representation for Muslims in the central government.

Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari‘s family was from Ghazipur in eastern Uttar Pradesh. In 1896, Mukhtar Ansari moved to Hyderabad where his two brothers were in the service of the Nizam. After his graduation in medical science from Madras Medical College, Mukhtar Ahmad proceeded to England on Nizam’s Scholarship for higher medical education. This also shows Ansari’s close connection with the Nizam who tried to merge his Hyderabad state with Pakistan in 1947.

Today, Indians would find it astonishing but in those days many Muslim Leaguers would simultaneously be a member of Indian National Congress too. This was their way of penetrating Congress and influencing its policies to the advantage of Muslims. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari was one such Muslim Leaguer who went on to become President of Indian National Congress in 1927 at the Madras session. The same thing is happening today when Islamists have penetrated Congress and other secular parties to further their Islamic agenda.

Hamid Ansari is one such Muslim who as the Vice President of India tried to further his Islamist agenda.

And last but not the least, Hamid Ansari is a cousin of UP Don Mukhtar Ansari who is in jail for murder of BJP MLA Krishnand Rai.

|| इति श्री हामिद अंसारी कथा ||