उद्धयमेव भैरवी

A Psychopath’s Tribute Can’t Represent My Country

The whole problem with the past 1000 years has been the negation of what India is.  In the last 70 years, the governments have deliberately promoted denial of what Indian civilization’s real strength was.
Although there are controversies and disputes on whether Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan and is actually what it is said to be – specially given that Shah Jahan had multiple wives before and after Mumtaz Mahal – but let us assume the story we have been fed by our historians is true.  The historians who have had a habit of spinning the facts from the Mughal era – even when those emperors recorded their own histories!  Be as it may, let us given some poetic latitude to our historians (for that is exactly what they use while writing India’s history in any case) and assume the story of Taj Mahal to be – that one Emperor loved his wife so much that on her death (while giving birth to 14th kid in the 19 year relationship!), he became distraught and built a mausoleum for her – the Taj Mahal.

The story also goes that he ensured that the hands of the artisans who worked on the Taj were cut off.  So they couldn’t build anything like that again.  This was when the construction of this monument is supposed to have taken 21 years (1632-53).

What is India’s Ethos?

Those who are given to the negationist mindset of Nehruvian historical view extoll the “Unity in Diversity” characteristic of India.  From China to France and the rest of the Europe to the Arab lands – how many countries displayed this “Unit in Diversity”?   The question is not how the new found democratic ideas have made them “tolerate” the others in the last 20-50 years.  But why none of these cultures never assimilated anyone else?  Mark you, I am not using the word “tolerate”.

And, what happened to the people who created Pakistan, that what their forefathers were masters of – “Unity in Diversity” – they suddenly and utterly lost?  Those who were of an assimilative civilization can no longer tolerate even different sects of Islam within themselves?

It is an important question.

For, “Unity in Diversity” is the result – not a starting point of the process.  As seen from other societies, things were either never “right” for Unity in Diversity to happen or quickly degenerated to yank out any Unity in Diversity that was inherited!

So, the question to look at is – what is the process that leads to “Unity in Diversity”?  Unity is never created in Diversity.  It is always realized.  Those who look to crush anything different from them to hoist their own belief as superior cannot realize the underlying unity in the entire diversity of the existence.  Because they were never interested in either Unity or Diversity.  They were interested in their own belief as the only option.  How can one who peddles exclusivism ever stumble upon the beauty of diversity?  Supremacy of belief and Beauty of Diversity belong to different dimensions that do not meet.  The latter is what India was steeped in.

And, India was steeped in the embracing and celebrating diversity, because the Sages and the seekers understood that all the different waves that constitute the existence were surfing on the same ocean below.  The one, infinite, unending, eternal consciousness.  It was not a forced belief, but a realization.  And that is the most important characteristic of “Unity in Diversity” – it is realized.  Not hoisted.  It is embraced, not forced upon.

India is a civilization that realized the Oneness of the consciousness in the diversity of existence.  And, it was done in as many ways as can ever be done.  This is the ethos of India.

Shahjahan: Lover or Psychopath?

The land on which Taj Mahal was constructed was usurped by Shah Jahan from the Maharaja of Jaipur forcibly.  And the queen for whom he is said to have constructed the monument was nothing more than a machine for giving birth to kids – 8 sons and 6 daughters, 7 of whom died at birth or close to birth!  So out of the 19 yeas Arjumand Banu Begum (also strangely called Mumtaz Mahal) was pregnant or giving birth or recovering all through, over 7 years of which were those where she saw her children die in front of her eyes.  Even if one were to grant a sadistic man who put his wife through such untold misery – the benefit of doubt; it must still take remarkable level of psychopathic dark humor to call it “love”!

We are told a tale about this Emperor (who treated his wife as nothing more than a morbid machine of making babies in a ruthless manner) by historians who have famously been over-eager to write revisionist tales they call history and promote a certain clique of such “historians.  Remember the Ayodhya case and deposition by the “top historians”? So these historians would have us believe that Shahjahan loved his wife Arjumand alias Mumtaz so much that he initiated a 21 year project to create the monument for her.  While she was alive, he didn’t let her live a single year of happiness or normal existence however.  After he was done with building a monument of the land he snatched by the Maharaja of Jaipur, he chopped the hands of the artisans who built that monument.

You tell me, which part of this man’s way of things is worth being proud of? Oh, he created a work of beauty!  Sure!  So did the painter of these amazing paintings.  Check them out here:  Look at the detail!  Just observe the eye for beauty and proportion of this artist!  Someone whose life should be celebrated? Well, both these paintings are by Adolf Hitler!  Ready to celebrate him, are you?

There is no doubt that Taj Mahal is indeed a work of beauty.  But that is all to it.  It is a structure that is outwardly beautiful.  But what it represents is nothing of beauty.  Instead of building this monument, if Shahjahan had allowed his wife to live a happy and healthy life where she was treated like a human being – and not a child-bearing machine with ruthless regularlity irrespective of whether she was still mourning her dead kid, leave alone 7 of them, it would have been a greater tribute of love for her.

Shahjahan’s love – if it was even that – was that of a psychopath.  It had nothing beautiful about itself.

The truth is that there is very little to celebrate about the work like Taj Mahal or Hitler’s amazing paintings.  For they represent the ethos of psychopaths.  Yes, we can consider them beautiful and use them for tourism – nothing wrong with that.  But it is not just foolish but downright insulting to the Indian civilization – which has realized, celebrated and nurtured the “Unity in Diversity” in its truest sense. 

And, this is important.  For, over the last 70 years, so many amazing places and works of great art and worksmanship by beautiful and conscious beings have been relegated to oblivion in the archeological and historical map of India.  The Ajantas, the Elloras, the Kedarnath, the beautiful Baolis of Rajasthan and powerful temples of South have been made to pay for promoting just one monument on the Indian tourist map.

26th October – The Day J&K Acceded to India 

Accession of J & K to India is Complete by Dr. Mahesh Kaul

The partition of the Indian subcontinent should be seen in the perspective of the Anglo-Muslim alliance that was forged by the British to retain their strategic foothold in the Indian subcontinent to have an access to the Russian activities and the appreciable influence on the Central Asian region, mainly in terms of oil reserves. As the oil reserves were in the domain of the Central Asian and Middle Eastern Islamic countries and regions, so the British encouraged the separatist Muslim sentiment in India to impress the Muslim World and at the same time kept the nationalist movement for the Indian independence under check, which the British viewed as the ‘Hindu Nationalist’ upsurge.
Kashmir problem is the outcome of the ‘Great Game’ which the British played to keep the separatist Muslim elements alive to keep its stakes high, even though the World War II had changed the dynamics of the strategic world order. This move was further meant to make the northern Indian borders weak and pregnable forever and result is the present Kashmir crisis. It was a clear move to sow the seeds of the balkanization of the Indian Union.

The process of maintaining the checks and applying brakes on the Indian nationalists were already devised by the British well before 1947 and M.A. Jinnah was a British prop to materialize the separatist Muslim claims for the partition of India.

These ploys and what was going on in the British mind has been revealed by Krishna Menon, who was close to the British circles, in the following words to Lord Mountbatten well before the partition on 14June 1947, “Is this frontier of (the northwest of Indian spur comprising Afghanistan and Iran) still the hinterland of the Imperial strategy? Does British still think in terms of being able to use this territory and all that follows from it? 

There is considerable amount of talking in this way; and if Kashmir, for one reason or another, chooses to be (with) in Pakistan that would be a further development in the direction. I do not know of (the) British policy in this matter. I do not know it whether you know it either. But if this be the intent, this is tragic……….As it becomes more evident, the attitude of India would be resentful and Britain’s’ hold on Pakistan would not improve it.”(pp.15-16,The Untold Story of India’s Partition).

Menon was pointing towards the British strategy of using West Pakistan as a base to stop the Soviet expansion towards the Indian Ocean, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf and secondly he implied that was the British policy so ‘subterranean’ that even the Viceroy was ignorant about it? These intrigues shaped the Kashmir problem and result is the present state of chaos and desperation.

Accession of the J&K State to the Indian Union needs to be understood by keeping in mind, the traits of the British and the separatist Muslim mindset of the Muslim League nurtured by the imperial policy makers to divide India to suit their strategic hold on the Sub continent.

There is a false premise on which the J&K’s Accession to India is always understood by certain vested interests “That the Radcliffe Boundary Commission award, giving away Gurdaspur district to the Indian East Punjab was announced on August17, 1947, two days after the new Dominions of India and Pakistan had already come into being.” It is totally absurd.

The demarcation of the areas that would go to Pakistan was already devised by the British well before 1947, thepartition year. Its blueprint was already prepared by Viceroy Lord Archbald Wavell in 1946 to forge an alliance with the Jinnah’s Muslim League, the foundation of this unholy alliance was laid in 1940-41 by his predecessor Linthligow to project M.A. Jinnah as the sole spokesman of ‘Muslim India’.

The same blueprint was kept under cover till the opportune time came in 1947 for the British withdrawal. It was deliberately kept in abeyance so that the finger of suspicion for the vivisection of India was not raised on the British Empire.

So the point raised by the fifth columnists and other left liberal intellectuals that “Maharaja Hari Singh could not accede to the newly created Indian Dominion and the Indian Prime Minister, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru could not accept such a request on or before August 15, 1947 because under the provision of July 1947 Indian Independence Act passed by the British Parliament, Pathankot tehsil at that time, the only geographical link with J&K, was located in Gurdaspur district of west Punjab which had been notified under the aforesaid Act as part of Pakistan” is the falsification of the reality.

Another observation by these individuals that “The Maharaja Sahib had therefore no other option than to think of Standstill Agreement with both new Dominions of India and Pakistan and making Jammu and Kashmir an Eastern Switzerland of Asia” is another misinterpretation of constitutional realities and the facts. As India under the British was composed of the British India and the Princely states which accepted the British Paramountcy, the rulers of these states were thus bound to accede to one of the Dominions and there was no provision for the Independent existence.

The celebrated political scientist Prof M.K. Teng in the preface to his book titled ‘Kashmir – the Myth of Autonomy’ has cleared this misconception regarding the accession of the J&K and other princely states to the Indian Union. He writes “The partition of India did not envisage the accession of the Princely states to the Dominion of India and Pakistan on the basis, the British India was divided. The partition of India left the states out its scope and the transfer of power accepted the lapse of the Paramountcy: the imperial authority the British exercised over the States .The accession of the states to India was the culmination of a historical process which symbolized the unity of the people in the British India and the Indian States.” (pp. VII, Kashmir-Myth of Autonomy)

It is a populist view in order to cover the truth regarding the accession that Maharaja Hari Singh was trapped and was hence indecisive to accede to India. To clear this misconception further Prof M.K. Teng writes, “In 1947, when Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India, the ruler of the State, Maharaja Hari Singh signed the same standard form of the Instrument of Accession, which the other major Indian states signed.

The accession of the State to India was not subject to any exceptions or pre-conditions to provide for any separate and special constitutional arrangements for the state. Neither Nehru, nor Patel gave any assurances to Hari Singh or the National Conference leaders that J&K would be accorded a separate and independent political organization on the basis of the Muslim Majority character of its population.”(pp. VII, Kashmir-Myth of Autonomy)

Thus the above analysis makes it crystal clear that the accession of the Jammu and Kashmir State to the Indian Union is complete in the constitutional manner.

Breaking India!!!

There has been a concerted effort by Christian evangelists and their stooges in India to sever the bonds of history, tradition and culture that unite the Northern and Southern parts of the country. On way in which this has manifested itself in this whole ‘Dravidian nationalism’ theory which posits that Dravidians were the original inhabitants of India and were displaced by the war-like Aryan tribes who then imposed their culture on the country. The theory has been taken to ridiculous limits and Dravidian activists have vented their ire on Sanskrit and Brahmins, who are portrayed as Aryan agents. In doing so, Dravidianists are basing their actions on a widely-discredited Aryan invasion theory and are doing a great disservice to the years of interaction and symbiosis between Sanskrit and Tamil which has enriched both languages. The biggest irony perhaps is the fact that the word ‘Dravida’ itself doesn’t appear in Tamil language and is derived from Sanskrit, where it simply means Southern. There is no mention of Aryan invasion in Tamil literature and cultural similarities between Tamil and “North Indian” culture are so apparent that talks of a Tamil culture.

Shri Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan in their seminal work ‘Breaking India‘, have been able to compile multiple sources how Colonial masters and Christian Evangelists colluded to distort India’s history to create a separate Dravidian identity, inimical to the idea of India. This theory was then espoused by Periyar and his Dravidian coterie. For example, Robert Caldwell, colonial-era linguist and academician, who has been honored with a statue on Madras Marina since 1967, is widely recognized with the ‘indigenous Dravidians, invading Aryans theory’. His primary concern, however, does not seem to be academic, but in fact “was to convert the south Indians to Christianity”, by breaking the stranglehold of Brahmins. Native converts subsequently worked with the missionaries and evangelists to de-Hinduize (the word formally used is Secularize) Tamil literature. People like Deivanayagam, referred to multiple times by Malhotra, took this theory to a completely different level by positioning Dravidian culture as being Christian, before the Brahmins and invading Aryans imposed polytheistic Hinduism on the natives.

St. Thomas is popularly believed to have visited the Southern part of the country and proselytized there. There are also claims that he was murdered by the Brahmins. There exists no proof for the same and even Pope Benedict XVI has denied that St. Thomas did indeed visit South India. Facts however are immaterial to Evangelists and their native lackeys. There are claims that the great Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar was a Christian and a disciple of St. Thomas. Not only that, the concepts of Thiruvalluvar are claimed to be a representation of the Bible. Hindu concepts are re-imagined and represented in Christian terms. Shaiva Siddhanta, for instance is described in Christian terms. Instead of a Hindu religion, of which Thiruvalluvar and Shaiva Siddhanta are integral parts, a new “ancient Tamil religion” is propounded, the one that was pure before the Aryans laid waste to it. The trimurti of Shiva-Murugan-Shakti or Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh is recast as the holy trinity. 

Superficial similarities are used to show the commonalities between Christianity and ancient Tamil texts while Hinduism is denigrated for all societal ills. Deivanayagam and his ilk have organized international conferences in which they have presented research papers on bogus subjects by referencing works done by each other, thereby claiming credibility. Unfortunately, successive governments in Tamil Nadu, fired up by an imaginary Dravidian identity have encouraged such crackpots, much to the detriment of national unity. Aided by an omnipotent church and fired by Church’s money, baseless theories of no scientific veracity are now propagated as research and evidence.

This has resulted in several laughable and embarrassing outcomes. Fired by their zeal to prove the antiquity of their culture, some Dravidianists were hooked on to the concept of Lemuria or Kumari Kandam, which stretched from the coast of Africa to Australia. This was then claimed to be the home of Hom o Dravida and Kumari Kandam was described as a proto-Dravidian urheimat, all of which was subsequently dismissed as falsehood. This is not all, blinded by their enthusiasm, some Dravidianists proposed that Aryans were originally Dravidians who went to the West, were corrupted and invaded India. Others describe Sanskrit emerging as a language in an era after the birth of Christ. Sadly, many of these theories are in vogue in mainstream discourse.

In 1945, scrolls emerged at Nag Hammadi in Egypt. These scrolls contained the gospel of St. Thomas, a gnostic and potentially heretic text. Some parts of the text resonate with vedic concepts and themes, leading to claims that instead of Hinduism or ‘ancient tamil religion’ having originated from Christianity, it might be the other way round. ‘Jesus lived in India’ is anyways an age old theory that has attracted academic interest. Clearly, Dravidianists are mere pawns in the hands of the Church and evangelists to win India for the Christ through nefarious deeds. They must be challenged at each stage and their true faces revealed.

Shame on Those Who Idolize HIM and Defend This SoB! 

1. “First a corps of 30,000 barbarians who butchered everybody on the way … followed by the field gun unit under the French commander, M. Lally. Tipu was riding on an elephant behind which another army of 30 000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged with their children tied to necks of mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christian and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Temples and churches were ordered to be burned down, desecrated, and destroyed.… Those Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam were ordered to be killed by hanging immediately. These atrocities were told to me by the victims of Tipu Sultan who escaped from the clutches of his army and reached Varapphuza, which is the centre of Carmichael Christian Mission. I myself helped many victims to cross the Varapphuza river by boats.”

–  From ‘A Voyage to the East Indies’ by Fra Barthoelomeo, a renowned Portuguese traveller and historian, who was present in Tipu’s war zone in early 1790.

2. “(During the siege 1783) Tipu’s soldiers daily exposed the heads of many innocent Brahmins within sight from the fort for Zamorin and his Hindu followers to see. It is asserted that the Zamorin rather than witness such enormities and to avoid further killing of innocent Brahmins, chose to abandon the Palghat Fort” Further he states- “It was not only against the Brahmins who were thus put in a state of terror of forcible circumcision and conversion; but against all sections of Hindus. In August, 1788, a Raja of the Kshatriya family of Parappanad and also Trichera Thiruppad, a chieftain of Nilamboor, and many other Hindu nobles who had been carried away earlier to Coimbatore by Tipu Sultan, were forcibly circumcised and forced to eat beef.”

– From the official report of Col. Fullarton of the British forces stationed in Mangalore.

3. “You should capture and kill all Hindus, those below 10 years may be kept in prison and 50,000 from the rest should be killed hanging from treetops”. 

“I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over 10 lakh Hindus were converted to Islam. I am now determined to march against the cursed Raman Nair of kerala”

– Letter by #TerroristTppu to his Military Commander 

Source: Malabar Gazette

Shame on those who idolize him, n defend this SOB !

What if an Indian had written this? Would anyone have believed?

Article by Maria Wirth

Though I have lived in India for a long time, there are still issues here that I find hard to understand. For example, why do so many educated Indians become agitated when India is referred to as a Hindu country? The majority of Indians are Hindus. India is special because of its ancient Hindu tradition. Westerners are drawn to India because of Hinduism. Why then is there this resistance by many Indians to acknowledge the Hindu roots of their country? Why do some people even give the impression that an India which valued those roots would be dangerous? Don’t they know better?

This attitude is strange for two reasons. First, those educated Indians seem to have a problem only with “Hindu” India, but not with “Muslim” or “Christian” countries. Germany, for example, is a secular country, and only 59 percent of the population are registered with the two big Christian churches (Protestant and Catholic). Nevertheless, the country is bracketed under “Christian countries” and no one objects. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, stressed recently the Christian roots of Germany and urged the population “to go back to Christian values.” In 2012 she postponed her trip to the G-8 summit to make a public address on Katholikentag, “Catholics Day.” Two major political parties carry Christian in their name, including Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

Germans are not agitated that Germany is called a Christian country, though I actually would understand if they were. After all, the history of the Church is appalling. The so-called success story of Christianity depended greatly on tyranny. “Convert or die” were the options given—not only some five hundred years ago to the indigenous population in America, but also in Germany, 1,200 years ago, when the emperor Karl the Great ordered the death sentence for refusal of baptism in his newly conquered realms. This provoked his advisor Alkuin to comment: “One can force them to baptism, but how to force them to believe?”

Those times, when one’s life was in danger for dissenting with the dogmas of Christianity, are thankfully over. Today many in the West do dissent and are leaving the Church in a steady stream. They are disgusted with the less-than-holy behavior of Church officials and they also can’t believe in the dogmas, for example that “Jesus is the only way” and that God sends all those who don’t accept this to hell.

The second reason why I can’t understand the resistance to associate India with Hinduism is that Hinduism is in a different category from the Abrahamic religions. Its history, compared to Christianity and Islam, was undoubtedly the least violent as it spread in ancient times by convincing arguments and not by force. It is not a belief system that demands blind acceptance of dogmas and the suspension of one’s intelligence. On the contrary, Hinduism encourages using one’s intelligence to the hilt. It is an enquiry into truth based on a refined character and intellect. It comprises a huge body of ancient literature, not only regarding dharma and philosophy, but also regarding music, architecture, dance, science, astronomy, economics, politics, etc. If Germany or any other Western country had this kind of literary treasure, it would be so proud and highlight its greatness on every occasion. When I discovered the Upanishads, for example, I was stunned. Here was expressed in clear terms what I intuitively had felt to be true, but could not have expressed clearly. Brahman is not partial; it is the invisible, indivisible essence in everything. Everyone gets again and again a chance to discover the ultimate truth and is free to choose his way back to it. Helpful hints are given but not imposed.

In my early days in India I thought every Indian knew and valued his tradition. Slowly I realized I was wrong. The British colonial masters had been successful in not only weaning away many of the elite from their ancient tradition but even making them despise it. It helped that the British-educated class could no longer read the original Sanskrit texts and believed what the British told them. This lack of knowledge and the brainwashing by the British education may be the reason why many so-called “modern” Indians are against anything Hindu. They don’t realize the difference between Western religions that have to be believed (or at least professed) blindly, and which discourage, if not forbid, their adherents to think on their own, and the multi-layered Hindu Dharma which gives freedom and encourages using one’s intelligence.

Many of the Indian educated class do not realize that those who dream of imposing Christianity or Islam on this vast country will applaud them for denigrating Hindu Dharma, because this creates a vacuum where Western ideas can easier gain a foothold. At the same time, many Westerners, including staunch Christians, know the value of Hindu culture and surreptitiously appropriate insights from the vast Indian knowledge system, drop the original Hindu source and present it either as their own or make it look as if these insights had already been known in the West. As the West appropriates valuable and exclusive Hindu assets, what it leaves behind is deemed inferior. Unwittingly, these Indians are helping what Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation calls the digestion of Dharma civilization into Western universalism. That which is being digested, a deer for example, in this case Hindu Dharma, disappears whereas the digester (a tiger) becomes stronger.

If only missionaries denigrated Hindu Dharma, it would not be so bad, as they clearly have an agenda which discerning Indians would detect. But sadly, Indians with Hindu names assist them because they wrongly believe Hinduism is inferior to Western religions. They belittle everything Hindu instead of getting thorough knowledge. As a rule, they know little about their tradition except what the British have told them, i.e., that the major features are the caste system and idol worship. They don’t realize that India would gain, not lose, if it solidly backed its profound and all-inclusive Hindu tradition. The Dalai Lama said some time ago that, as a youth in Lhasa, he had been deeply impressed by the richness of Indian thought. “India has great potential to help the world,” he added.

When will the Westernized Indian elite realize it?

~ Maria Wirth  (freelance writer who has lived in India for the past 33 years)

Shiva without Shakti is Shav

काली महाकाली कालिके परमेश्वरी । 

सर्वानन्दकरी देवी नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते ।।

In Hinduism, all goddesses are ultimately one: Devi. She takes different forms to allow us to comprehend her multiple possibilities. One of the most powerful is Kali.

Kali‘s blackness symbolizes her comprehensive nature, as in black all colors merge. Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her (Mahanirvana Tantra). Black can also represent the absence of color, signifying the nature of Kali as ultimate reality. Either way, Kali’s color symbolizes her transcendence of all form.

Kali’s nudity has similar meaning. She is described as garbed in space or sky clad. In Her primordial nakedness, She is free from all covering of illusion. Her nudity represents totally illumined consciousness. Kali is the bright fire of truth, not hidden by the trappings of ignorance.

As our Mother, She creates endlessly. Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Her girdle of severed human hands are the principal instruments of work and signify the action of karma. The binding effects of karma are overcome by devotion to Kali. She blesses devotees by cutting us free from the cycle of karma.

Kali’s four arms represent the complete circle of creation and destruction. Her right hands, making the sign of fear not and conferring boons, represent Her creative aspect. Her left hands, holding a bloodied sword and a severed demon head, represent her destructive aspect. The bloodied sword and severed head symbolize the destruction of ignorance and the dawn of knowledge. The sword is the sword of knowledge, that cuts through ignorance and destroys false consciousness (the severed head). Her three eyes represent the sun, moon and fire, with which She observes the past, present and future. This is the origin of the name Kali, the feminine form of Kala, the Sanskrit word for Time.

The cremation ground, Kali’s dwelling place, is where the five elements are dissolved. This symbolizes the dissolving of attachments, anger, lust and other emotions, feelings and ideas. The heart of the devotee is where this burning takes place and it is in her heart that Kali dwells. The devotee, under Kali’s influence, burns away all limitations and ignorance. This inner cremation fire in the heart is the fire of knowledge, which Kali bestows.

The image of Shiva lying under the feet of Kali shows Shiva as the passive potential of creation. Kali is Shakti, the universal feminine creative principle and energizing force. Kali empowers Shiva. Shakti is expressed as the i in Shiva’s name. Without the i, Shiva becomes Shva, which in Sanskrit means a corpse. So, without Shakti, Shiva is powerless or inert. This is the origin of the saying Shiva without Shakti is Shava.

Perception, My Lord

Nov 15th, 1949 while debating with Prof K T Shah, Dr Ambedkar opposed addition of word SECULAR in Article 1 of constitution…

With 42nd  amendment to constitution during emergency, Indira Gandhi added word SECULAR for vote bank politics and that opened the flood gates of appeasement agenda..

To make situation worse, decade of 2004-14 sent and kept Hindus on defensive

How should a Hindu react when PM of the country says “Minorities have first right over our resources”. A known terrorist Ishrat gets  labeled as ”Bihar KI Beti” and Senior congress leader has tears when Batla encounter takes place.. What happens if a VP talks of “Unease”. What about self proclaimed film stars when they talk of intolerance and moving out of country? How is a Hindu expected to react? If he does, he is branded communal.

Pent up sentiments of Hindus were awaiting to explode and in view of recent judgement on cracker ban, it has exploded resulting into discussions on Hindu, Hindutva and why are Hindu festivals are on target. Every Hindu festival has been targeted in recent past, be it Jallikattu, Holi, Karva Chauth, Dahi Handi and now Deepawali, you name it and there is an objection, restriction in name of Secularism.. It’s natural for Hindus to rake up atrocities of Aurangzeb and Babar. We will hear more comments like one about Taj Mahal built by a traitor.

I don’t need a Babar to have a golden era in India: Dr Sambit Patra.

Shashi Tharoor’s comment that “Firecrackers are unholy add-ons” is not surprising.

Those who had studied Communal Violence Bill proposed by Sonia congress must be relieved that it did not go through or else Hindus would have been rotting in jails.

A number of incidents, judgments and State level decisions have shaken and angered large section of Hindu community.

Forcible religious conversion of Hindus is a realty on which Government prefers to play blind towards foreign NGOs.. How long will we behave blind to conversion in Punjab, WB, Kerala and many more states? Obvious reason must be change of demographics.

Why do we see an overreaction from certain quarters and a section of media when Hindus advocate their case for Government should stop interfering and free itself from control of Hindu places of worship? It still remains unconvincing as to why the Government has no control over Mosques, Churches and Gurudwara? Mosque uses its funds for Madrasas. Church uses its funds for Missionary schools.. Why mustn’t Temple funds be used for Hindu education? Why must Hindu Temple funds be used for subsiding Haj pilgrimage?

Who doesn’t know of a case when a Hindu student was forced to fast during Ramzan. West Bengal had put restrictions on Durga immersion while giving preference to Muharram.

In no way is anyone helping any cause of social harmony as political points are being scored by playing Hindus against Muslims.

Hindus are a majority is a reality. Muslims are a part of Indian state is a reality.


Never Forget and Never Forgive

Congress has been practicing divide and rule policy since 60 years now. Their solo motto was to suppress Hindus just to appease their minority vote banks. Prominent congress leader are seen and heard insulting Hindu god and goddesses hurting the sentiments of large population of India.

The result of this was seen in 2014 assembly elections. The most ancient party of India, which once had 200+ seats have had to satisfy themselves with 44 seats. Congress doesn’t even hold the position of opposition in today’s date.

Woke up from the long sleep of ignorance, the party has now showing interests in Hindutva. Party Vice President Rahul Baba is now claiming that he would read Vedas and Upanishads. He has been spotted visiting many temples across the country during elections.

What had congress spoke about Hindutva once upon a time is like this:

1. People visit temples to eve tease women

2. Extremists Hindus are threat to the country (wikileaks had released the speech by Rahul Gandhi on Hindus)

3. Congress has filed a petition saying Ram, Laxaman, Sita, Hanuman aren’t God and Goddess rather they are fictitious characters

4. 26/11 Mumbai attack masterminds were Hindus

5. There is saffron terrorism in India (said by Sushil Kumar Shinde the Defence Minister 2013)

6. The defense minister in UPA2 regime Sushil Kumar Shinde has asked the officials to release the minority culprits who were charged for crimes in the country.

7. Think twice before arresting Muslims Said Sushil Kumar Shinde.

8. The PM Manmohan Sing himself has the privilege of saying Muslims have more rights on natural resources of the country.

9. Sadhvi Prajna Sing Thakur and Colonel Shrikant Purohit were fixed in fake case of Malegaon blast happened in Mumbai. Both the victims have been released on bail and have revealed what hell they have been through all these years.

10. Congress would cross all its limits to appease Muslims and hurt sentiments of Hindus. One such example was demolishing Ram Sethu. If at all Sumbramanya Swami hadn’t intervened we wouldn’t have had the Sethu by now.

11. Senior advocate Kapil Sibbal had compared Bhagvan Ram and Sita’s separation with triple talaq of Muslims.

The list is endless and goes on like this. It’s been in the blood of congress to criticize Hindu sentiments since 60 years now. But all of a sudden it has started to sympathies the feelings of majority Hindus. Not because it has genuine concerns but for its personal benefits. It has now in self realization mode that hurting Hindu sentiments and winning seats on the other hand is not at all possible?

Hinduless India

Dear Lordships,

As an ordinary Hindu, I am overwhelmed by the love and affection shown by you to us lowly Yindoo mortals.

I fully understand that banning sale of crackers is the only way to tackle the horrendous air pollution levels in Delhi. So what if all reports point at causes like stubble burning in nearby Haryana and UP, industry emissions, emissions from coal-fired power plants, construction dust and vehicular emissions as the chief causes of air pollution?

The ONLY true way to control air pollution in Delhi is to stop 8 year old kids celebrating Diwali with sparklers. You are absolutely right.

I am writing to you, because I realise that as a Hindu, my whole existence is causing pollution. I request you to please regulate other aspects of Diwali  and other Hindu festivals as well, so we can all live in a happy, secular, pollution free India.

How about telling us how many diyas can we light at Diwali? Also, please do specify the length of the wick and the precise amount of oil that we are allowed to use. Also, which oil should we use? Coconut or groundnut?

Also, I humbly request you to regulate the timings Hindus are allowed to light Diyas. I think five minutes at sunset is more than enough, after all, Diya smoke is also polluting, no?

Also, please let me know how many clothes I can buy and regulate the diameter of my Bindi. India has seen a huge increase in Type 2 Diabetes, so why are Mithai shops allowed to contribute to this by selling Mithai? Do what you did with the crackers. Impose a blanket ban of fifteen days during Diwali on Mithai shops, so your lordships can ‘test’ if the incidence of type 2 Diabetes in India goes down or not.

I totally appreciate campaigns like Smokeless Diwali, WaterlessHoli, Rakhiless Raksha bandhan. It is all for the good of the nation. I suggest two further campaigns for you to deliberate upon. Cremationless Hinduism, and finally, the greatest anti-pollution campaign of them all – Hinduless India.

Thank You,

Shefali Vaidya

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